Training Looks So Easy!

Training Looks So Easy

You go to a class, your instructor is funny, prepared, and you totally get the material you came to learn! What a great occupation! Training.  It looks so easy, that you consider creating your own workshop. Anybody could do that! Then you begin…

Surprise! Creating workshops and training programs takes more than what you can imagine. Let’s give a few pointers, and I’ll be here for more ideas when you want them.

  • What is the gap in learning you are aiming to fill?
  • Have you defined the objectives and how those objectives will be met?
  • Who is your audience; how do you present your workshop to meet their needs?
  • Where will you hold your workshop?
  • Will this location have the right aesthetic conditions, facilities, space, quietness, and parking?
  • How accessible is it to handicapped participants?
  • What materials will you use?
  • Can you use a game or active process to help participants get the learning?
  • When will you hold your training, and how much preparation will you need?
  • How will you market your workshop?

These are just some of the beginning points to cover.  If you hold the training in your own location, you may have tasks to do involving management of the location.

Training is a wonderful way to bring others up to speed in attitude, skills, and sharpening the saw. When you want to train, speak with an experienced trainer who can coach you to create a successful event. Contact Cat for training and development at 503-816-5104.

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