Synergyone™ brings communication, essence, creativity and synergy. How, then, shall we live to realize our essence and meaning?


Cat Wilson with Friends at Art Gallery in Portland

I am Cat Wilson, owner of Synergyone. Let’s get to know each other. I love walking through the forests, parks and city in the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon.People I love join me for coffee at Starbucks, where we read the New York Times and Oregonian comics and revel in the aroma of wafting coffee. If you were here and we met, we might meet at a local coffee or tea place, or my favorite center for training Apositiva, where I will offer you healthy and tasty energy bars, and discuss what movies are playing around the area and appreciate the stories of life. You might meet cats. As you wandered through the growing galleys of evergreen and ferns, we share silly havens of moments under trees upon which are perched robins, bluejays, flickers, and squirrels. I listen, holding space where hope can be revived. Dreams are not left to gather dust, because goals are roads being laid and you feel safe to continue on a journey, creatively and metaphorically, yet arriving in the outcome you designed with Cat Wilson, a creative coach and trainer who brings an extensive background of experience.

Welcome to my world. If you are one who wants to be heard, come and share. I am here, waiting for you…

We are all unique and wonderful beings.

  • People Seeking Coaching to Realize their Essence
  • Trainers Needing to Awaken Others
  • Learners Needing a Muse for Creativity
  • People in Transition Wanting to Discover and Express their Meaning

We believe when people come together they create something bigger than themselves – synergy. We are about helping in ways to communicate a higher message through spirit, voices, activities, and developing synergy. We care deeply about the individual who wants to contribute and is missing one thing to make it real.

IMG_2492Coaching, Mentoring, and Training helps individuals to reach a higher personal experience. Each one of those is very different. Along with coaching and training services, Synergyone creates training manuals with graphics, such as cartoons, mindmaps, and silly images. In seminars we’ve created things such as T-shirts to match a “defining focus.”  We create audios, CDs, and DVDs to enhance experience and communicate to meet different learning styles.

Synergy comes from the Greek word  synergos, which means working together. (1660); combined action or operation.  Synergetic was first used in 1836 and means to work with, cooperate and working together. Make it synergism (1924): you get  interaction of discrete agencies or agents such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Let’s synergizeso you can envision, learn, and make it real!