Who Lives on Your Shelf?

Books are my friends, and friends are everywhere! The words in these books have entertained my mind, my soul, and heart, enriching who I have become.  As a coach, trainer, and creativityologist my friends – these books bring their authors and hang out with me in my library of ideas.

Growing Up with My Friends

In my youth, my best friend was my cousin Nanette. We lived in books when we were growing up, and even took to the trees with a comic book or two for summer entertainment. I suppose it would be funny to see us up in those trees in the old Prairie now, but we loved being in nature and enjoying an adventure with Huckleberry Finn, Archie, Spiderman and Little Dot!

Today, Nanette is a brilliant woman. Articulate among teachers, farm community, politicians, and a whole world of people interested in holding intelligent conversations. Books on  her shelf have contributed to her being an educated woman, writer, mother, person of culture in the arts, activist, teacher, librarian, and beloved family member. I’d like to think that she has joined with our friends on the shelf. Together they have grown.

My partner Rich Aanrich has written a novel Twisted Destiny, and so this author lives on my shelf. It’s an action-packed adventure, filled with interesting connections and fascinating characters. You should check it out on Amazon for $ .99.
(Free to Kindle Unlimited users.)

Books are on my tables, on shelves, stacked on my desk, in my iPad, and conveniently waiting in the back seat of the car … just in case I find myself at the community coffee cafe with a few moments to wander with my friend, the book.

Who lives on Your Shelf?

Curious as a cat, I wonder … which books have inspired you? What authors do you hang out with at home and for tea or coffee? Who would you recommend I invite to hang out with my shelf of friends?  Send me a note or drop in on new my Facebook page Synergyone Training.

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2 Responses to Who Lives on Your Shelf?

  1. Nanette Bulebosh says:

    I am Cat’s cousin, and I am honored and flattered by her remarks. I wish you could have known her as a child. The seeds of her artistry and great generosity with others were apparent even then.

    So …. I’m game! Here are the books currently on my night table, iPad, and the back seat of my car:

    Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. He examines old age and dying, in nursing homes and on hospital beds. The way we do things now are borderline inhumane, he argues. Part of it is due to our denial – not wanting to face the inevitable death of loved ones – and part of it is just not listening to what the elderly really want.

    The Buddha Walks into the Office by Lodro Rinzler. Pretty self explanatory. I practice Shambhala meditation, a gentle, life affirming way toward mindfulness. Managing others through compassion and thoughtfulness. What a concept!

    The Republic of Imagination by Azar Nafisi. The authro of Reading Lolita in Tehran invites us to imagine an America “with no borders and few restrictions, where the villains are conformity and orthodoxy, and the only passports to entry are a free mind and a willingness to dream.

    The Art of Slow Writing by Louise deSalvo and Seducing the Demon by Erica Jong. Both books discuss writing from a place of joy. And they reaffirm the importance of “telling the truth in an age of lies.”

    Happy reading! People who love books need never feel lonely.

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