Time is My Partner

Time is My Partner

Time is a fascination for me. How does it really work? What can I do that will be the most useful. When is the best time to begin… to end?  Where did time go?

I can tell you that it is up to us to determine how to best utilize it. Yet… how many of us realize that we are given a lock and key to our time?  It starts with respect. My Mastermind partner TJ Helm from Profitable Mischief and I were online in a meeting a week ago. She said she just got back from vacation. I said, “Oh, that’s wonderful! How was it?”

“Oh, I had a wonderful time. Just weeks relaxing with my husband, golf, and being free.”

“You sound rested and look wonderful,” I said … just a little envious. Life was pretty busy for me, some productive and some unproductive, but always busy.”Good to hear you take time for vacations.”

TJ paused … and said, “Time is my partner. We have an agreement. I work out what I need and time respects me. I need a vacation, I set it up with time and we get along just fine.”

I saw the wisdom in her arrangement and since have started looking at “time” with a new “frame.”  With time as a partner I am taking a more value-based view in planning.  I’m beginning with three points I use with my training and coaching processes.

Time Partner Ingredients: Values. Character. Joy.

Is what I want to do in my time in alignment or match my values?  Will my character support the activity (i.e.  my character will not support wasting time for reading junk email). How much joy will this event coming up bring others and me? Three simple questions.

Bottom Line:  Time is my partner. Make it a friend and a respected one and I’ll enjoy time.

Make the best use of your time by learning time management. TJ and I will be offering classes online to support making friends with time.

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