Women Who Bloom Make Choices

Hello, Beautiful Women,

Inside of you are amazing ideas and seeds that can provide a bridge to life. You can plant your own seeds to growth when you feel supported and this is why I created the circle at Apositiva.

Okay, so once upon a time…. (this may be a longer story, but it’s worth it, so keep going)

My intention when I began Women Who Bloom circles was to provide a safe place and a bridge that all of us can feel connected to, feel heard, and be open to grow our ideas. Over the past few years we have met twice a week at Apositiva.  These are free times to share and express ideas in a confidential space. We are all growing together.

Growing involves questions. Especially when we want to allow ourselves to be open to the realization that we are here to enjoy our lives.  So we bring questions and journal about our ideas. Some ideas are old and most are how we want to go forward.

What ideas could you focus on? Can you give yourself permission to let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve you? How do you choose your thoughts?

Women Who Bloom Make Choices

Your choices matter very much and make you what you are, and your thoughts can carry you to joy, excitement, calm, as well as fear, so be on the watch.

Pick and choose your thoughts well.  Notice what is fact and what is fiction.  Choose what thought makes you “PING” with joy and leads you to feel good inside your mind, body and soul. You can make new choices about how you view the world, although some people feel help back from moving forward.

What holds us back from making new choices? Sometimes it’s an old meme, an old thought, or something happening in our unconscious, the background of our thinking.

What is happening in your background of thinking?

When you are not paying attention, are you absorbing someone else’s stuff? (Note: In mentioning stuff, my definition here of stuff means: ideas, attitudes, fears, bios, opinions, humor, etc.).  Your stuff is your stuff, experience, decisions, choices. Other people’s stuff is … well … their stuff.

Clearing old stuff can be done. Just like pulling weeds. What stuff do you clear? The stuff that anchors you to the past that doesn’t serve you.

What Lessons Did You Experience?

Turn back time and travel to a time you want to explore.  Journal. Wonder what was going on at the time. Re-examine your stuff.

Think about what you experienced, learned, and what you got in an old experience that could contribute to your life or the lives of others.  You can also learn from others and get inspiration.

The book I’ve written with Bela Friedman and Rebecca Hufford gives our inspiring stories.  For those of you who have asked, about the book Lessons From a Fall … here is the link to purchase the book – Click here for Lessons From a Fall.

If you want, you could change old programming by learning to use tools for personal growth.

Some tools could include: journalling, meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Self-Hypnosis, Coaching, joining a class, and many more ways. When you join our Women Who Bloom circles you may enjoy meditations and journalling.

Take a walk when you need fresh perspective.  Actively get yourself out of the environment where you feel confused or stuck. Literally stand up and walk around or open the door and get out in nature. Nature is interesting and healing, too.  Connect with what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Your senses bring you in touch with your body.

Connect with Nature for a Refresh

Do you enjoy watching animals and nature?

Here is a deer I saw on a walk. Look closely.  Isn’t she Beautiful!

Take some time to connect with nature, connect with yourself, and enjoy knowing that we are all connected by nature.


A Behind the Scenes Peak to Nature

Click here and Watch this behind the scenes view in nature. Photographer Sets Up a Camera At a Log That Fell Across A Creek, Captures All the Wildlife That Uses It As a Bridge.

Women Who Bloom – Upcoming

The next Women Who Bloom circles are the second and fourth Wednesdays at Apositiva in Portland, Oregon. We are taking time to relax and will resume in 2022.
When we meet again, our time will be
Wednesday, 10-11/11:30 am

I am planning on adding an evening circle for those who want to attend, but work during the day.

Would you be willing to share your input on evening times that work for you, so we can make a bridge for us all to gather?

Would you be interested in Tuesday or Friday evenings?  I teach on Saturday and Sunday during the day, so for me these days are pretty busy, but a Tuesday or Friday at 6:30 or 7pm to 8/8:30pm could work.

Please let me know, so I can give everyone time to connect for evening circles.

2020 Commitment Ceremony

You commit yourself to a job, another person (marriage), school, but have you ever committed to yourself? Over the past couple years we did a “Commitment Ceremony to Ourselves” and it was fun!  We have food, song, dance, and do a mind-map on the wall of what it means to commit to ourselves.  Everyone contributes. I’d love to do this in the Spring if it works for you all.

In the meantime, take some time today to connect with nature, connect with yourself, and enjoy knowing that we are all more than we know.  Enjoy being a Woman Who Blooms and remember to be open to the joy of being you. (Hugs)

See you soon!

Enthusiastically yours,



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