Creating Harmony in the Body

Health is a state of peace and harmony. It begins with how you speak to yourself.

Are you telling yourself that you are not good enough? Let’s begin the New Year with a new vocabulary. Here are seven ways to talk to your body.

  1. Be Aware
  2. Be Free
  3. Be Focussed
  4. Be Here
  5. Be Loved
  6. Be Strong
  7. Be Healed

Be aware of the beauty around you. Sense the feelings inside and outside of you and notice with your inner and outer awareness what is real and what is imagined. Be aware.

Be free of the discomfort of news articles that disturb you. If  you can do something, act. If not, go and freely participate in life where you can make a difference.

Be focussed on what matters in your world. Do you know your values? Take time to get focussed on what matters in your life.

Be here where you are right now and do what you love. As a mother, be a mom in the moment. As a student be in class and learn. Be where you are and enjoy your life in a mindful way.

Be loved by loving yourself. I’ve so often heard people say they don’t like their bodies. Well, your body is here for you to live, breathe, and be. Love your mind, spirit, and body.

Be strong in your truth. Once I learned that I wanted to do different work I changed careers and went into the coaching, training, and alternative therapy world. I walk my talk and practice my arts within myself.

Be healed by giving yourself good food and good thoughts. If you don’t feel well then explore when the discomfort started and consider the cause.  Be healed because you matter.

Be it life or learning or being, take each day one at a time and remember to be kind to yourself.

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