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This is your life … begin on your journey today!

Synergyone™ Training: Communication, Training, and Development Center provides training to individuals and companies wanting to be the highest and best possible.

For You:
We specialize in experiential coaching and training, using creative and artistic processes for a playful maneuver in life and business. We exist to help those in transition by coaching and offering creating educational programs and hands-on experiences for people to develop to their highest and best possible scenario.

Are you wanting to connect even better in communication with your employees? We work with you to get a sense of the essence of your business, look for what your organization needs and wants, and develop trainers to work even better with communicating and delivering the message.

How We Work:
It starts with a phone call or e-mail. We schedule appointments and can meet You here, at your business, or online. Google Hangout, Fuzebox, Skype, and Anymeeting are all good.

More Info:
Your questions are important. We would be delighted to answer them regarding our coaching, workshops, and train the trainer services.

What is your highest and best scenario?  It’s your time, why not take the time to live yours in the highest way?

  • Contact:              Cat Wilson
  • Phone:                 503.816.5104
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  • Training Site:   Apositiva, 037 SW Hamilton Street, Ste. 1, Portland, OR  97239
    Map and Directions to Apositiva Institute: Click here.