Dreams to Work

Have you ever had a portrait drawn by an artist? Artists look carefully at the person in front of them. Taking pen and paper, they replicate the face in front of them from their point of view. Hand over a few dollars and you get someone else’s perspective of You.

Coaching is not about drawing, but you are asking a lot of questions. It’s not consulting where you give your opinion of how a person “should” move on their project. It’s about asking deep questions, and giving the other person the “insight” and watching them “create” their dream. Or maybe it is about self-discover in what is valuable to them. Coaching brings out the person from a deep seed we all contain.

Cat Wilson of Apositiva is offering a Coach Training program open to everyone. You may attend if you want to be coached or if you want to become a coach. Either way, you will get wider perspective and come up with dreams to work on.

For more information click here for Growing Coach Training.  The coach training workshop is planned for Spring/Summer of 2020.

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